Picture books are the interplay between my two favorite art forms: words and images. Together they tell stories, communicate ideas, pass on knowledge, embody feelings, and evoke moods. Their primary audience allows for talking animals, time/space travel, and monsters. All this, but still there are confines to the format, confines that seem only to generate more creative ways to work within them.

‘Books with Pictures and Words’ is a blog about what are, in my opinion, some of the best picture books ever created, from classics to recently published books to some that are out of print. Synopsis of the books are accompanied either by related information, such as biographical facts about the picture book’s creator, or they are accompanied by connections to present day social phenomena; another reoccurring theme is the importance of early exposure to books and literacy. My hope is that this information and these connections will add to the experience of reading the books.

‘Books with Pictures and Words’ is also a blog that offers step-by-step instructions on arts and crafts projects that are related to picture books to do with children.   


I’ve worked in publishing for twelve years, many of those in children’s books – in foreign & subsidiary rights, trade sales, marketing, etc.; I currently sit on a book selection committee and publish books for a nonprofit.

Contact: bookswithpicturesandwords@gmail.com

Instagram: instagram.com/bookswithpicturesandwords 

Facebook: facebook.com/bookswithpicturesandwords

Twitter: @bookpictureword

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/bwithpandw


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