The Jacket, jacket

The Jacket (which you can read more about here) is a cleverly conceived, and superbly illustrated meta book in which Book (the protagonist) is discovered and cherished by a girl, but then covered in mud by the girl’s dog, causing Book to be scared and the girl to be mad and sad. But then the girl has an idea: she makes Book a jacket of his very own.

The Jacket_Jacket and cover

The jacket of The Jacket is the jacket made by the girl for Book, and the cover of The Jacket is Book himself. To complete this meta book, at the end of The Jacket are illustrated instructions on how to make your own book with a jacket, which we have done below with one alternation – instead of using a book, we used a notebook, with the idea of making our own book.


  • The JacketThe Jacket_Notebooks_1
  • Notebook – I bought these at the local dollar store 
  • Large piece of paper – roughly x3 the size of your notebook
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Something to draw with – crayons, colored pencils, etc.
  • X-acto knife
  • Regular piece of white paper
  • Glue


Read The Jacket

Place your notebook open and flat on the large piece of paper, and trace it.

The Jacket_Trace notebook_2

Cut out what you’ve traced, extending several inches longer on each side to allow for folding along the spine and the flaps. Then wrap your notebook in the cut piece of paper, placing the spine of the notebook in the middle of the paper, and folding the flaps over the sides of the cover. Now you have your jacket.

The Jacket_Wrapped_3

Take the jacket off the notebook, draw two circles for eyes on it, and draw all over it.  

The Jacket_Decorated_4The Jacket_Decorated_5

Cut out the two circles with an x-acto knife (this is the one step that cannot be done by a child).

The Jacket_Eye holes_6

Place the two cut-out circles on a piece of regular white paper and trace around them.

The Jacket_Eye trace_7

Draw eyes in the circles and cut them out.

The Jacket_Eyes drawn_8

Put the jacket on the notebook and mark where the eye holes are, then remove jacket and glue the eyes where you marked on the notebook.  

The Jacket_Eyes on_9

Once the eyes are dry, place the jacket on the notebook. Now you have your own (Note)Book with a Jacket!

The Jacket by Kirsten Hall, pictures by Dasha Tolstikova. Published by Enchanted Lion, 2014.


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